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BVIS 8B Chair Duets

Students in Year 8 at the British Vietnamese International School, Hanoi, spent a unit of work studying frantic...

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Let's do this!

My names is Lawrence Espinosa, a Filipino drama teacher at Khartoum International Community School. I recently...

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Every Child Is An Artist - Fred Longworth High School

I'm Head of the Drama Department at Fred Longworth High School in Tyldesley, Greater Manchester. I have been...

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Machu Picchu Chair Duets

In my book, there is no other way to finish the trip of a life time..... Massive thanks to my beautiful travel...

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Maria & Daniele chair duet

The italian Daniele and spanish Maria met first time in December 2015 in Liceu Opera House in Barcelona, and started...

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Year 10 GCSE drama students of DSLV present 'Control' inspired by Frantic Assembly Devised and shot over 2 lessons!

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