Download Chair Duets: How to Film Transcript

To take part in the Chair Duets Challenge simply follow the steps below:

Watch the Chair Duets Challenge: How To film (Above)
Follow the instructions on the film to create your own Chair Duet
Your Chair Duet should be no longer than 2 minutes.
Film your Chair Duet on your phone or camera
[OPTIONAL] If you want to, add one of our suggested music tracks (Below)
Editing and adding music to your film is optional.
Upload your finished film onto YouTube
Submit your YouTube film via the submit film page on our website
Wait for approval
Once we have approved your Chair Duets film, we will notify you by email and it will be added to the Frantic Assembly website. We aim to approve films within 48 hours. The challenge will be running until the end of 2016, so you have plenty of time to submit your Chair Duet film.

Adding music to your chair duets film

Some of our Chair Duets films have music accompanying them. It’s not a requirement to have music. If you don’t want to, you don’t need to use any music at all. If you do want music in your Chair Duets Film, we recommend using one of these selected tracks. You can use them when making your film by having them on in the background, or editing your film and adding music to it.

If you choose to use other music tracks, they will most likely be copyrighted tracks, which require a license to use them. Obtaining music licences can be very expensive and difficult to get. If you decide to use copyrighted tracks without a license, YouTube may remove your film.

That’s why we’ve selected these tracks, which can be used for free under the Creative Commons License.

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